Our Social Services


THE RENEWAL CENTRE (Residential Rehabilitation, Destitute Home & Men’s Crisis Centre)

Homelessness can often have a major effect on people. They may become recluse and tend to have poorer health. The Destitute Home is a place for homeless elderly to live safely, a place where they do not have to worry about their next meal, a place for social interaction and a place to call home.

The Men’s Crisis Centre assist homeless men with temporary accommodations while they are given practical assistances to seek long-term housing & employment. Apart from accommodation, positive values, social & life skills are imparted to the residents. Through these support, many have successfully worked to overcome their homelesssness.

The Renewal Centre changes the direction of people’s lives, by changing their value and empowering them to become the solution to their problem. By providing a structured educational, training and living environment at the Renewal Centre, people with social difficulties can gain life skills; educational & vocational opportunity; marketable skills; accountability & responsibility; dignity & integrity, to rebuild their lives, discover their strengths and reintegrate into society as socially responsible and productive citizens. Many have reintegrated into society, from once the society’s underclass, into today’s productive citizens leading decent lives. 


Prison & Hospital Outreach

Counseling session are conducted regularly at Drug Rehabilitation Centre and Prisons. Motivational sessions are also carried out at hospitals, motivating patients undergoing the hospital substance abuse detoxification program to break free from the vicious cycle of addiction.



To educate the young on the dangers and effects of substance abuse, Substance Abuse Awareness talks are conducted in collaboration with schools. The talk strongly reinforces the message that drugs are deadly.


Community Outreach

Low-income families and needy elderly in the North-East District area are provided with food necessities on a regular basis. Community bonding events are also organized to bring the disadvantaged in the community together for a time of fun, food and fellowship.


Project Makeover

We launch “PROJECT MOVEOVER” as part of our mission of improving people’s lives and supporting low-income families/the needy/elderly. Volunteers cleaned, painted and tidied the flats of the disadvantaged, to the great satisfaction of the beneficiaries.