Our Story



In 1989, Operation Renewal (Singapore)  formerly known  as  Renewal Self-Development Centre, began with a dream to turn around the lives of people who have hit bottom, by empowering them to become the solution to their problems.

Today more than 20 years later, we remain true to our mission. With no government funding and at no charge to the clients, we have been solving some of our society’s most serious social problems : generation of poverty, lack of job skills, substance abuse, youth delinquency, repeat felons and homelessness. Many have reintegrated into society, from once the society’s underclass, into today’s productive citizens leading decent lives.




To train, empower and improve people’s lives; help children, youth and adults succeed; strengthen and support families, the aged and disadvantaged; promote self-sufficiency and alleviate poverty and suffering, regardless of age, sex, race, religion and nationality.



To build a premier residential rehabilitation centre. A ‘Harvard for the underclass’ where those with social difficulties are empowered to dream again and succeed in life.

To make a Real difference in the lives of the disadvantaged.

To build a children’s home caring for children who had been abused, neglected and abandoned. Giving the children an opportunity to succeed, through education, love and care. A place to heal from their past and realize their dreams for a promising future.